Forus Linje 1: Nå med større røkgassfilter!

                               Forus Energigjenvinning
                                  Sandnes, Norway 


FGC Refurbishment of WtE Plant – Forus 1, Sandnes Norway

In 2002 Simatek delivered to Forus Energigjenvinning the Flue Gas Cleaning System for the Forus 1 waste treatment installation, since then serving as the Flue Gas Cleaning of the Waste-to-Energy plant of the Sandnes municipality according to the EU legislations.

The Forus Energigjenvinning WtE plant has today two lines burning a total of 110,000 tons of municipal and commercial waste per year. By the heat from 1 ton of waste, theplant produces around 2,500 KWh energy as high-pressure steam. On a yearly basis this gives 275 GWh, from which the plant generates 50 GWh electrical power to the grid and 225 GWh for district heating.

The 225 GWh district heating covers 15% of the needs in the municipalities of Stavanger, Sandnes, and Sola; and the electrical power generated covers the needs of 2,500 households in the same area.

The Forus 1 FGC installation is a conventional dry absorption plant equipped with the well-known Simatek SimPulse® bag house filter technology where only one bag is cleaned at a time, with low pressure (0.8 bar) and high volume of air, which already at that time (2002) provided huge savings on the energy consumption. The single-bag cleaning technology is especially well suited for absorption plants, giving a high utilization of the filtration cake and the absorbent.



The Forus line 2 was put into operation in 2012, also including a Simatek Flue Gas Cleaning system.

In 2012 Forus Energigjenvinning asked Simatek for a refurbishment of the Forus 1 FGC installation, with the aim of reducing power and lime consumption costs and still meeting the EU legislation.

After having discussed different optimization possibili- ties it was decided to extend the filtration area by 123 m2, achieved by adding 1 m extra length to the filter bags, and thereby lowering the filtration speed.

Also an upgrade of the pulse-jet cleaning system of the filter was decided, achieved by installing a new cleaning-air blower and a BVS system together with an update of the PLC software programming with up- to-date features for an optimization of the filter bag cleaning and a better control in connection with changes in the boiler load.

Improvements achieved by the refurbishment in 2012:

  • 10% lower lime consumption (kg/ton waste)
  • 5% lower ID fan power consumption because of a lower dp and an optimized filter cleaning sequence – approx. 200,000 KWh per year.
  • Expected longer lifetime of the filter bags because of the
    lower differential pressure.



Forus 1 FGC Design Data after the Refurbishment:

  • Flue gas flow 42.000-49.000 Nm3/h
  • Nominal operating temperature 135-145°C
  • Bag house filter SimPulse® JM 280/110-05, 3C
  • Filtration area 1,355 m2
  • 280 pcs. of filter bags
  • Dia. 140 x 11000 mm length of filter bags
  • PTFE/Glass membrane filter bag material
  • 75 m3/h cleaning-air consumption (max.)